Optimized Woman: Use you Optimised Abilities each month to create the life, well-being and success you desire!
Why the menstrual cycle and women's success and goal-achievement?
The Optimized Woman


The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. By Miranda Gray

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The Optimized Woman and success and goal-achievement


> A pre-menstrual power - de-clutter your life!!
> Using the menstrual cycle to keep your New Year's resolutions

Life-coaches, therapists and counsellors:

> The menstrual cycle and coaching

“This revolutionary approach has the potential to become the biggest influence on women’s thinking in the 21st century and radically change the female world!”

'The Optimized Woman' is for the modern woman who wants to create personal success and the life she wants using a female-centred approach.

Women are different to men – no surprise there!

So why do we expect a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to life-coaching, self-development, goal-achievement, and 'create the life you desire' techniques?

The menstrual cycle is one of the most impactful influences on a woman’s motivation, energies, skillsets and perception, and it's time for the menstrual cycle to take its rightful place as a powerhouse of resources for women to use in practical everyday ways to create

  • the best work / life balance
  • their full potential
  • goals and dreams
  • the life they deserve

When we understand and recognise our four Optimum Times and their heightened skill sets we can create feelings of well-being, fulfillment, success and achievement throughout the month - even in the pre-menstrual and menstrual phases!

The Optimum Times

While every woman's experience of her cycle is unique there are many experiences we share in common such as the best times to:

Plan what we are going to do
Motivate ourselves to get started and take action
Identify what we need and what we need to do

(The pre-ovulation phase)

Communicate our needs and understand other's viewpoints
Generate help from others
Sell ourselves and motivate others towards creating our dreams

(The ovulation phase)

Work out what we don't want and what doesn't work
Recognise and fix problems
Be creatively inspired

(The pre-menstrual phase)

Know what we really want
Committ to what we really want
Understand what is going on

(The menstrual phase)

The Optimized Woman book and e-course guide you through goal setting and goal chievement techniques in line with your menstrual cycle. The e-course takes this further and shows you how to motivate yourself towards your goals and how to use belief-change and affirmation techniques effcetively with the cycle. It is also delivered in step with your phases so you can put the concepts into practical action and discover your own unique enhanced talents and abilties for yourself!

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If you want to get ahead, get a cycle!

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'The menstrual cycle is the single most powerful self-development and success tool a woman has!'

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