Optimized Woman: Use you Optimised Abilities each month to create the life, well-being and success you desire!
The menstrual cycle for achieving life goals, business success, and well-being
Miranda Gray


The Optimized Woman by Miranda gray

The Optimized Woman
Using the menstrual cycle to achieve success and fulfillment. By Miranda Gray

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Why the menstrual cycle?

That is a really good question!

What makes me focus and write on the menstrual cycle? Why am I trying to get the menstrual cycle accepted into mainstream society? Why do I think it is important enough to meet the challenge of negative responses from women as well as men about the cycle?

I have to admit I do wonder myself at times!

Since my early twenties I have been passionate about helping women to see that menstrual cycle is not just about fertility but is in fact a powerhouse of resources and tools that can be practically applied to everyday life. These tools are there for us to use if only we know about them!

For me starting out as a freelance illustrator in my early 20s it was obvious how my creativity changed during my cycle as well as my self-confidence and my abilities to run my business. My cycle has been a rough ride physically, emotionally and mentally, and sometimes it is 'hard to be a woman' but the insight, inspiration and excellence my cycle has given me means I would not want to wish it away. In fact it has brought me new talents I never dreamed of.

As an artist I never imagined writing a book but I discovered that for one week in four (my pre-menstrual phase) I could write well! Rather than seeing this as being inconsistent and wishing I could write all the time, I saw it as an opportunity and my first book 'Red Moon' was pthe result!

In this masculine world we are sadly taught to think and be like men and the stress of forcing oursleves to be round pegs in a square hole saps us of energy and self-confidence and reduces our awareness of who we are, our full potential and what we can achieve if we were given the freedom to be cyclic.

Not only do we need to give ourselves permission to be different to men and to be inconsistent in our abilities but so does society - and not see it as making us less equal or less productive than men. In fact when we work with our cycles we are more effective, efficient and productive in a wide range of skillsets giving us the ultimate secret weapon against male business practice!

I do feel sad that 15 years down the line from when 'Red Moon' was first published there is still a need for books such as 'The Optimized Woman'. I truly believed in the 1990s that by now women would be empowered by their understanding and application of their cyclic abilities. We are long overdue to bring the menstrual cycle into the everyday world and this time the menstrual cycle is back and it is armed and dangerous!

But we are facing a huge challenge - the world is still masculine in the way it thinks and the expectations it has. This is where you are important.

To change the world all we have to do is
notice one thing
we can do better during a particular phase in our cycles and
share that information with another woman.

In this website you will find information on my books, my life-coaching e-course and workshops, as well as articles on practically applying your Optimum Times. I would also love to share stories from you about your optimized life!

Please spread the word and be part of the growing number of women who are starting to live their lives and create success and well-being through their awareness and application of their Optimum Time abilities.

If you know of any contacts who would be helpful to getting these concepts out to more women please let me know. And if you know Oprah and can put a word in for me - thank you! :o)

As it says below - if you want to get ahead, get a cycle!

If you want to get ahead, get a cycle!

“Miranda Gray’s book moves us closer to a lived utopia where both the cyclic nature of women and the linear nature of men can not only co-exist but thrive in relation to one another.” Amy Sedgwick O.T. Reg. (Ont.), Canada, www.redtentsisters.ca

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'The menstrual cycle is the single most powerful self-development and success tool a woman has!'

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