The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray

Why the menstrual cycle is important to business

The business world has long been the domain of men, but women have secret weapon which when used in the workplace creates success beyond expectations, optimizes productivity, and brings performance excellence.

With more women running businesses their way, men are going to have a real challenge competing with this uniquely female success tool. And what is this tool? The menstrual cycle!


I’ll show you why the menstrual cycle is extremely important to business:

Do you realise that:

• Women’s skillsets change through their monthly phases? Generate activities in line with these times of heightened abilities and productivity and effectiveness will increase.

• Most businesses are not using 75% of the abilities their female staff have because current work practice restricts women from excelling. Using women’s full abilities creates a happy and contented staff and benefits business with a highly optimized multi task sharing approach.

• Women’s heightened abilities range from logical reasoning and strategic planning to critical analysis, team-building, project initiation and management, and blue-sky thinking. All of these heightened abilities are available in one single woman!

• With more home-working and flexibility in work, men are going to be at a disadvantage when women learn to identify and organise their work to fit in with their heightened abilities.

Business coaching fails women because analytical tests only ever analyse a single phase. Women excel when their four Optimum Times are taken into account and their action plans and goal deadlines are aligned with their heightened abilities.

• Psychometric tests and interview exams only ever reflect 25% of the skills a potential female employee has to offer.

The Optimized Woman by Miranda Gray


What areas of business can we apply women's Optimum Time skills to?

  • team building
  • leadership
  • networking
  • action planning
  • communication and selling
  • blue-sky thinking
  • core value review
  • critical analysis
  • mentoring and appraisals
  • training
  • personal and team motivation
  • business success
  • work practice
  • performance excellence
  • discovering our full abilities and applying them
  • business-coaching
  • understanding our actions and reactions
  • building better work relationships
  • working creatively
  • work/life balance
  • feeling confident and empowered
  • creating a new female approach to business
  • finding out what you really want to do and doing it!

to name a few!

So how are you going to use your optimized skills?

Read the book to find out!

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